Waterhog Eco Elite Entrance Mats – BECOMING ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY and Keeping the Floor Clean

Waterhog Eco Elite Entrance Mats are a subdivision of one of the most effective entrance mat systems around, the Waterhog Mat. Waterhog mats were designed not merely to withstand and hold huge amounts of liquid, but to scrape and trap excess dirt and debris under the foot traffic zone.

All Waterhog mats are created using a raised bi-level rubber reinforced structure, that is then bonded to a heavy-duty polypropylene (carpeted) fiber. Developing a crush proof floor mat system, with superior scraper action and absorption qualities. Minimizing slip hazards and floor damage for years to come. Waterhog Eco Elite Entrance Mats embrace each of these significant features of a standard Waterhog mat with the added bonus to be environmentally eco-friendly.

These mats provide a 3/8″ thick designer Herringbone surface pattern, which will aggressively remove dirt and water from medium to high traffic areas. The bi-level surface helps trap the debris within the mat and keeping it off the ground. Waterhog Eco Elite Entrance Mats are made of 100% PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) fabric produced from plastic bottles,

combined with 100% Polypropylene fiber. Creating a 36oz anti-static surface that dries quickly and can not fade or rot with intense use. Carpeted Entrance Mats It is then bonded to 100% rubber material, which 20% of that rubber is manufactured out of recycled tire content. The rubber material can be used for the backing and in addition formed to create the building blocks of the bi-level surface structure. After the rubber cools, or “cures”, it becomes just about the most effective floor mat systems available.

Waterhog Eco Elite mats are an efficient entrance mat for any business. They’re easily rolled up and rolled out for stress free cleaning purposes. It requires low maintenance to sustain its fresh appeal, if vacuumed daily. Available with cleated backing for surface applications on top of carpet, or smooth backing for use on top of hard surfaces. You can also select from a Fashion Border (Fabric Border) or perhaps a Rubber Border at your discretion. Both border options give a unique rubber enforced “water dam” round the perimeter of the mat, allowing around one . 5 gallons of water per square yard to remain within the mat itself and not on to the floor. Preventing slip and fall accidents from occurring within the facility.

All Waterhog mats are certified slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute. Recommended for commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities, schools, office buildings and more. There’s really no limit to the capabilities of the of this kind of floor mat system.

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